Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok so I haven't been able to update because the computer was broken at karoline's relatives' house. Poland was really great and karoline's family was so welcoming and great hosts!! Lots of amazing food (as soon as I can I'll post pictures if the daily breakfast...and other pictures of course). One afternoon we went into Wroclaw and I have some good pics of that as well. So some of you wanted to know what Poland looks like: GREEN!!! Rolling hills, beautiful mountains, tons of trees.
Today karoline's uncle drove us into Czech republic (Anka) came with us as well. They helped us figure out which bus to take and we only had to wait half an hour before we were on our way! The bus ride was nice and relaxing but as we got closer to Prague I was getting worried bc it seemed so westernized. It was all generic stuff and not pretty at all. We found our hostel easily (yay for the google maps!) and it's very nice! I think we're the only ones in our little section.

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