Friday, May 29, 2009


Very quick update: train ride went well, Venice is gorgeous but our hotel doesn't have a computer for us to use. I'm stealing wireless from the lobby and will try to post pics but might not be able to for a couple days! Ok off to catch the boat to San marco!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Vienna Pictures

Well today was our last day in Vienna, and I'm sad to say I was unable to find a proper hill to sing on. Sad. It's ok though, we found plenty of other stuff to do!

Here is one of the museum's in Museum Quarter. Pretty.

Here I am (yes I know my eyes are closed) in front of another museum. (Kerri I found the Vermeer playing cards!)

GODZILLA attacks tiny church! Karoline says "What is this, a church for ANTS?? It needs to be at least...3 times this big!!!"

Kahlenburg...on top of a big mountain overlooking the city, which you can see behind us. Blue Danube on the left.

Candles inside of Stephanskirch in Stephansplatz. I like saying platz.
Ok that is all from Vienna! Auf Weidersein Vienna! Ciao Venice!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guten Tag!

So today Karoline and I arrived in Vienna!! It's very pretty and I can't wait to see more tomorrow. Originally we were going to stay in a hostel tonight, but we're staying with another one of her relatives instead! Tomorrow night is our first overnight train to Venice, eep! It's like 12 hours or something insane like that, but I know we'll be fine! Ok here are pics.

At Praha Holesevice train station about to board our train.
On the train on the way to Vienna! It was a 6 person car but onlz Karoline and I were there so we got to spread out our stuff and relax. And take like 4 catnaps, which is my new favorite thing to do.

Schonbrunn Palace! I think that is how you spell it. Anyway, I'm going to live there now. It is GORGEOUS and I love castles and palaces. Sooo pretty.

HELLO PRETTY PALACE. There were a ton of gardens, fountains, and paths all over the place.

This is where I will serve afternoon tea, join me, won't you?

Karoline and I standing in one of the many lovely archways, this one was lined with roses.
More Vienna sightseeing tomorrow, then catching the 830pm to Venice! I can't remember if the place we're staying there has wireless, but if it does I'll continue to update!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Prague!

On the free walking tour: Prague Palace is on the other side of the river.

In front of...of course I forget the name right now but it is used as a concert hall; very pretty.

That's the Charles Bridge in the distance; I posted pics from there last night! We were crossing the river using a different bridge on this tour.

Vienna tomorrow morning!!

Pictures from Prague

View from The Charles Bridge at night.

View from the top of the tower in Old Town Square. See the rooftop restaurant?

Me at the top of the tower. A liiiiiittle afraid of the height.

In Old Town Square; that's the tower we went to the top of!

Enjoying a Czech beer with dinner!

Pictures from Poland

Apparently I don't know how to post pictures onto Blogger so that they'll appear in order but whatever! Above is a picture of me in Bielawa town square, the town where Karoline's realtives live! The owl statue is supposedly a good luck tradition for newly married couples; they walk to the owl and if he flaps his wings it means they'll have a good marriage (but he obviously cannot flap his wings so...hmm).
Ok this was the spread that awaited us pretty much everywhere we went. This was at Karoline's grandfather's house. FOOD! Seriously it was insane how much food was made. This meal had fruit soup, beet soup, salad, pasta, pierogies, little croissant roll thingies...unbelieveable. And THEN there was a table just as big for dessert!

Here I am in the center of Wroclaw; Karoline and I spent a nice afternoon walking around here.Here we are just about to eat breakfast (note the soymilk next to me! Yay!). You also see cakes, tomatoes, rolls, cheese, meat, strawberries, and frankfurters.

Here I am sitting at the breakfast table. NOM!

This is Karoline's Aunt and Uncle's house! And that's Karoline's brother up on the deck. And that's her grandfather's car.

Yay Poland!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Prague, cont'd

Then we headed right for old town and it was so pretty- much more of what I was hoping to see!! Went to the top of the tower to get some great views and then went to a traditional Czech restaurant for dinner. Karoline had goulosh!! And we had Czech beer- not bad. the streets here a bit confusing but we're making our way around really well!! Oh also walked across Charles Bridge and saw a german reporter filming for something. And now we're back in the hostel! Time for bed so we can get a decent start tomorrow :) and I will try my best to post pics on the computer here but it's really slow (so slow that I'm writing this on my iPod instead of use it). Night!!

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Ok so I haven't been able to update because the computer was broken at karoline's relatives' house. Poland was really great and karoline's family was so welcoming and great hosts!! Lots of amazing food (as soon as I can I'll post pictures if the daily breakfast...and other pictures of course). One afternoon we went into Wroclaw and I have some good pics of that as well. So some of you wanted to know what Poland looks like: GREEN!!! Rolling hills, beautiful mountains, tons of trees.
Today karoline's uncle drove us into Czech republic (Anka) came with us as well. They helped us figure out which bus to take and we only had to wait half an hour before we were on our way! The bus ride was nice and relaxing but as we got closer to Prague I was getting worried bc it seemed so westernized. It was all generic stuff and not pretty at all. We found our hostel easily (yay for the google maps!) and it's very nice! I think we're the only ones in our little section.

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi all!! I'm in Poland now! Here's an update on my trip:
Flight to Paris was really bumpy, the veg meal was tasty, there were like 30 in flight movies to choose from INCLUDING Gone With the Wind!! But I didn't watch it; maybe on the way home. Switched to my Munich flight in CDG in Paris; I really don't like that airport, the signs are confusing. Anyway the flight to Munich was gorgeous, Germany is so pretty! Here are some pics I took from the airplane!
Munich airport is pretty cool:

So I had to wait a while for my flight to Wroclaw so I decided to take a walk around while I was waiting, and of course when I did the plane arrived and they announced my name over the loudspeaker and I had to run all the way back to the gate. The flight to Wroclaw was bumpy b-c the plane was realllly small. It had propellers, hello. Landed in tiny Wroclaw airport and met Karoline about 15 minutes later! We took a bus back to Bielawa, had a snack and then I pretty much passed out asleep :)

This morning we had a Polish breakfast, Karoline said it was fancy this morning, with tomato, bread, pepper, lots of meat, plenty of beverages, pepper, cucumber! It was tasty and I'll defitely be full for a while. Then Karoline, her cousin Anka (that might not be how to spell it but that's how she says it), and her cousin's daughter Marta:
And here is Karoline with Luna, the family dog!
Visiting Karoline's grandfather today, and more Poland exploration tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Eeeek it's almost time!! I'm about to start packing and see if I have to run to the store tomorrow to get anything, but I feel prepared. I made my little map guides and stuff today. Very exciting!! Although I'm a bit concerned b/c everything is well planned and you know what they say about the best laid plans or whatever. I'm hoping for the best.

Alright so here is my itinerary:
Arrive in Poland on May 21 and meet up with Karoline and family.
Arrive in Prague on Monday, May 25.
Arrive in Vienna on Wednesday, May 27.
Arrive in Venice on Friday, May 29.
Arrive in Milan on Sunday, May 31.
Arrive in Geneva on Tuesday, June 2.
Arrive in Barcelona on Thursday, June 4.
Arrive in Dublin on Saturday, June 6.
Arrive in NEWARK, NJ on Wednesday, June 10!

So there you go. It's kind of insane. Whee! If you have any tips on stuff to do in a certain place please let me know! Oh also here is my link to Twitter . I made sure each hostel/hotel we're staying in has internet, so I should be either to post brief updates via my ipod or a computer. I really want to post pictures as well so I'm hopeful that will work out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Ready!

Hello Friends and Family!

I'm leaving for a 3 week trip for Europe in exactly one week! I'll be keeping this blog updated as a way for you to follow me throughout my trip and see what I've been up to. Hopefully I'll be able to add pictures as well. I'm traveling with my friend Karoline; we booked all of our hostels/hotels/airfare last night so we're good to go. She is actually leaving today to meet up with her Polish family members in Bielwa, Poland; this is where I'll be meeting up with her next week.

I'll post our itinerary before I leave. You can also check for updates on Twitter (JerseyVegan) and on Facebook.