Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Vienna Pictures

Well today was our last day in Vienna, and I'm sad to say I was unable to find a proper hill to sing on. Sad. It's ok though, we found plenty of other stuff to do!

Here is one of the museum's in Museum Quarter. Pretty.

Here I am (yes I know my eyes are closed) in front of another museum. (Kerri I found the Vermeer playing cards!)

GODZILLA attacks tiny church! Karoline says "What is this, a church for ANTS?? It needs to be at least...3 times this big!!!"

Kahlenburg...on top of a big mountain overlooking the city, which you can see behind us. Blue Danube on the left.

Candles inside of Stephanskirch in Stephansplatz. I like saying platz.
Ok that is all from Vienna! Auf Weidersein Vienna! Ciao Venice!

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