Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures from Poland

Apparently I don't know how to post pictures onto Blogger so that they'll appear in order but whatever! Above is a picture of me in Bielawa town square, the town where Karoline's realtives live! The owl statue is supposedly a good luck tradition for newly married couples; they walk to the owl and if he flaps his wings it means they'll have a good marriage (but he obviously cannot flap his wings so...hmm).
Ok this was the spread that awaited us pretty much everywhere we went. This was at Karoline's grandfather's house. FOOD! Seriously it was insane how much food was made. This meal had fruit soup, beet soup, salad, pasta, pierogies, little croissant roll thingies...unbelieveable. And THEN there was a table just as big for dessert!

Here I am in the center of Wroclaw; Karoline and I spent a nice afternoon walking around here.Here we are just about to eat breakfast (note the soymilk next to me! Yay!). You also see cakes, tomatoes, rolls, cheese, meat, strawberries, and frankfurters.

Here I am sitting at the breakfast table. NOM!

This is Karoline's Aunt and Uncle's house! And that's Karoline's brother up on the deck. And that's her grandfather's car.

Yay Poland!


  1. why didn't you tell me you were blogging?? Silly Meghan. Poland looks awesome!!

  2. Oh..you did tell me you were blogging. I remember reading that intro paragraph to your email too...huh. Well at least I realized early enough!