Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi all!! I'm in Poland now! Here's an update on my trip:
Flight to Paris was really bumpy, the veg meal was tasty, there were like 30 in flight movies to choose from INCLUDING Gone With the Wind!! But I didn't watch it; maybe on the way home. Switched to my Munich flight in CDG in Paris; I really don't like that airport, the signs are confusing. Anyway the flight to Munich was gorgeous, Germany is so pretty! Here are some pics I took from the airplane!
Munich airport is pretty cool:

So I had to wait a while for my flight to Wroclaw so I decided to take a walk around while I was waiting, and of course when I did the plane arrived and they announced my name over the loudspeaker and I had to run all the way back to the gate. The flight to Wroclaw was bumpy b-c the plane was realllly small. It had propellers, hello. Landed in tiny Wroclaw airport and met Karoline about 15 minutes later! We took a bus back to Bielawa, had a snack and then I pretty much passed out asleep :)

This morning we had a Polish breakfast, Karoline said it was fancy this morning, with tomato, bread, pepper, lots of meat, plenty of beverages, pepper, cucumber! It was tasty and I'll defitely be full for a while. Then Karoline, her cousin Anka (that might not be how to spell it but that's how she says it), and her cousin's daughter Marta:
And here is Karoline with Luna, the family dog!
Visiting Karoline's grandfather today, and more Poland exploration tomorrow!

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