Monday, June 1, 2009

Venice Update!

Hello! I'm actually writing from Milan but I need to backtrack and post pictures from Venice! Venice was truly beautiful and kind of amazing. Everything on boats! Need to get something delivered? Well it will be delivered via boat. So neat.

This was the view from our hotel room window. I wasn't overly impressed with this particular hotel, but it was right across the street from the boat station so that was convenient. After riding on the boat for a long period of time, you still feel like you're on the boat for like a solid 20 or 30 minutes afterwards. It is very bizarre. Oh also! If you can see that little thing sticking up out of the middle of that circle, it was actually a water fountain! Water just constantly dripped out of it and you could just go grab a drink.

Oh and did I mention it was windy the entire time we were there? It was. Here I am in Piazza San Marco (or that right, Vicky? I know it is San Marco and I think Piazza is Square...I miss the Platz' of Vienna!) and it was insanely crowded here and there were a ton of pigeons. Someone please explain to me the obsession people have with pigeons. I think they are disgusting, and yet, people were trying to get them to eat out of their hands. Ew.

This was on Murano, the island where the Italians do a lot of the glass blowing, this little structure was in one of the little piazza's, it is pretty impressive. I loved Murano, we got to see a glass blowing demonstration (which hopefully I can upload the video at some point but I'm having trouble reading Italian youtube and figuring out how it all works) and pretty much spent the entire afternoon there. It was gorgeous and definitely one of my favorite things about Venice.

This was...near C a'doro I believe. We spent a while walking around there as well, very nice little shopping district. I seriously loved how people were just like 'la la la I'm driving my boat around like it's a car' it was so fun.

Another view of Venice.

Oh this was at the top of the tower in San Marco Square Piazza. SO WINDY! But it was pretty from up there. Overall I truly enjoyed Venice, we had some delicious Italian food (and Bellinis!) and it was pretty amazing to see that part of Italy and experience the culture. Also I love gondolas. They're awesome and I love the gondola guys, some more than others though, I like the ones that go all out and are singing and wearing their striped shirts and little bolero-type jackets and the big straw hats with a ribbon tied around them. Loved it. OH and our hotel had functional shutters!!!! LOVE THAT SO MUCH! Seriously even though that hotel was kind of crappy, the shutters made it so much better.

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