Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hello from Switzerland! I have a bunch of video to upload, I didn't think pictures were enough. It is sooo unbelieveable beautiful here, I kind of want to move here. I'm sad that we're really only here for one full day and then off to Barcelona, but I know I will be back to Switzerland for another visit!!

Karoline and I went on a one-hour boat ride around the Lake Geneva...above is a picture of some of the stores along the street facing the Lake. Fancy stuff, Rolex, Mont Blanc, Harry Winston, other watch companies that are famous and I can't think of right now. As you can see the Lake is nice and blue and the sky was blue today as well! Soo windy though it was crazy. The big Jet d'eau thingy that is usually going was turned off b/c of the wind. I hope it's on tomorrow b/c it is on like every Geneva tourism thing and I really want to see it! It's a big stream of water that goes something like 150meters into the air.

BIG PUPPY!!! He was chilling at a little souvenier stand waiting for his owner. So cute. And huge. Apparently the dogs here either have to be microscopic or gigantic, no inbetween! And the people speak at least 2 different languages it's so cool. I got to use my limited French "Parlais vou Englais?" (I know that spelling isn't even close) and watch whoever I spoke to recoil in horror at my pronunciation. Whateves dude at least I'm making the effort!!!

On the lake, I love the laaaake and the mountaiiiins they're so beautiful.

Another view from by the Lake...

Mountains around the lake...and these aren't even the big ones. On the other side you can see snow on the tops of the mountains and everything.
So below is a short video of some of the sights from the train ride and another one of Geneva from the boat ride we took today...so pretty. These videos take forever and a day to post on here or I would post more...if I do this kind of trip again I'm bringing my own computer with me!! This hostel only has two computers that you can hook USB cords into and I don't want to hog it for too long...plus internet is expensive here.

So that's all for now...I might post again quickly tomorrow if we get bored waiting for the train but we'll see! Overnight train to Barcelona tomorrow night, booo. But I think Barcelona will be really cool :)

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