Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was very sad to leave geneva and I have some more pics and video to post but the Barcelona hostel has free wireless (yay!) but nowhere to plug in my computer cord (boo!).
The train from geneva was very quick, or at least felt like it; it was a solid ten hours though. We were in sort of a big train car with regular seats that are a bit wider than usual and can also recline; it was ok I actually slept quite a bit. The man sitting behind me kept sneezing (apparently the sneeze/cough into your elbow thing hasn't quite caught on in Europe yet) and another lady was hacking up who knows what. Gross. Anyway made it to our hostel with no problems and then went on a tour of the FC Barcelona soccer stadium; I thought that was cool. After that we headed to La Sagrada Familia to check that out but of course they're doing renovations so much of the inside was blocked off!
We waited to go to dinner until the normal dinner time for locals, around 9pm, and no exaggeration people were still coming

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